Does your DORG want his own home?

Now, we all think our dogs have a pretty cushy lifestyle already, but when you visit a site developed by Mike Strong you'll see that he REALLY knows how to give a dog a grand style to live in.
"When I decided to build a dog house, I went to my local hardware store to buy doghouse plans, they did not sell them. Neither did the big national building supply chain." 
He has assembled some really nice dog houses that others have made for their dogs as well as developed a site that goes into detail on how to build a nice dog house. Of course, we all know that you can build it, but whether they use it or not, that's a different story. You can identify with Steve and his project. It cost too much, and the dog didn't use it, but he wouldn't have changed a thing since he spent quality time with his son.

Some other sources for dog house designs and "how-tos" are Lowes instructions for dog house assembly, including pictures and a complete tools and materials list.Heinz, Pet Unleashed also has a step by step setup for building our dog's dream home.

Do you have a "dream structure"you've made  for your dorg? Do you have something you've built for your dog's comfort? Or, maybe another specifically designed structure to help your Dachshund such as a ramp to get on the bed? If so, send a picture and we'll show it. If you'd like to share your plans, feel free to send them also.

Click here to bring up the site if you're stuck in someone's frames or you just see a single page.
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