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If you are looking for a Dachshund:

DORG feels very strongly about getting your Dachshund from a reputable breeder!  Please do not buy from a pet store or a person who seems to have more than a "normal" number of litters available. Please check with your local veterinarian for recommendations or ask if they have a breeders directory.  Call your local veterinarian and see if they can give you the name of the breeder referral person for the local kennel club or names of local breeders. This information can be found in a breeders directory that most State Kennel Club Associations publish yearly.  If they do not have a breeders directory, ask if they know someone who shows their dog and whether that person would be willing to help you find a breeder. Dachshunds, like other breeds are susceptible to certain disorders. Please familiarize yourself with them and when searching for a breeder, ask these questions. A responsible breeder will be very happy to answer them. 

Above all, please do not overlook the fact that there are numerous rescue organizations and your local humane society. More often than not, if you are looking for a loving pet, you will have the most rewarding experience by adopting a dog that needs a home. Dachshund Rescue organizations have these dogs listed on the Internet.  Please consider these options.

DORG is happy to supply the names of local Dachshund Clubs, Kennel Clubs or Obedience Clubs to find reputable breeders in your area or people who are willing to help you find a dog. 

Here is a site that goes into a good discussion on why you want to only deal with a responsible breeder.


If you are a breeder and wish to have your ad listed:

To advertise on DORG, all breeders must follow a code of ethics to be eligible to advertise here. No puppy mills or animal distributors may advertise and all ads and related links will be subject to approval before being placed on the site.

If you can meet these guidelines, you may contact DORG about having your ad placed here.  There is no charge to reputable breeders.

You may advertise on DORG if:

  • You breed to improve the quality of the breed, health and structure.
  • You are active in showing your dogs and have obtained their championship to prove that they are proper representations of the standard.  Images of champions on your site must be available to view and/ or you must supply the list of champions that you have.
  • Your breeding program is diligent in maximizing the health quality of future puppies.
  • You do not color breed where known combinations (etc.double dapple) produce health risks (i.e.: deafness, blindness)
  • You have only one or two quality litters a year, if that, and those litters are from planned breedings that will only better the breed.
DORG stands firm on not endorsing any site that has multiple litters available, cross coat breeds or breeds for color crosses that are known to produce health defects. 

If you can meet these guidelines, you may contact DORG.

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