Dachshund Key Fob
These adorable key fobs are the perfect key organizer. They're made made from a heavy duty cotton webbing enhanced with a spunky dachshund fabric. The band measures 9.5 inches, and slips over your wrist for easy carrying your keys when you're walking the dog or just want to make sure you can find them in your purse. Not only will your key chain be stylish, but it will be easy to find. Order more than one and keep your spare keys on them! Colors for the dachshund fobs are black ribbon with pink/blue dachshunds on pink webbing, blue ribbon on black webbing or black ribbon with orange and green on brown webbing.

You can order the dachshund design or other designs. Visit Puppy Dogs N Polka Dots and when you order, make sure you put a note in the comment section that said you saw these on CCDR's site. Corri donates back for those orders received through CCDR.

$5.75 each plus shipping

To order, go to Puppy Dogs N Polka Dots 

Questions? Email Puppy Dogs N Polka Dots

Questions? Email DORG

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